“Lorraine’s commitment to herself was inspiring.  In the midst of taking care of our families and other obligations, we tend to remove ourselves from the equation.  Lorraine reminded me how to get back on the track and run my own race.” ~ -Felecia A Williams, MPA, RHIA


“Dear Sister Lorraine, I have truly, truly been blessed by you in this wonderful writing. It has touched me in a way words cannot explain. You have put together the masterpiece we needed – APADTA (All Praises Are Due To Allah)! I know Allah is pleased with you. I am very honored to be chosen to read your soulful experience. I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading. It touched every aspect of my life. This is the juice I need to keep on going to get to the other side with you. Congratulations on your success – weight wise, spiritual, and mental and on this great book!” ~  Sis. Beverly Muhammad


“This is Sister Kadara Muhammad and I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of reading 588 Days! And let me say, it didn’t take days, just Seconds! to be inspired by my Sister’s journey.  I cried, I laughed, and most importantly I got MOTIVATED to MOVE! As I am experiencing the trials and successes of my own weightloss odyssey, it is indeed, refreshing to know that there are others who are tackling and achieving this Balancing Act of FAITH, FAMILY AND FINDING TIME FOR ME!!!…LOVE
“I commend you for making yourself transparent and sharing a struggle that I believe we all have to encounter in this life. Master Fard Muhammad told us that we are the most beautiful..but do not let Him catch us weighing other than ourselves.  Of course, your testimony focuses on physical weight. However, we are also taught of the power of thought and that is where I found the most beauty in your book! When you shared the cooperation of your husband (key!) and others, and how successful that made you, it fortifies what The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us, that 95% of our problems can be solved through unity.  Your book is a wonderful testimony to our Teachings, in a very practical way! I plan on purchasing more of your books for friends and family ! Thank you!” ~ -Adrienne


“Reading this book has allowed me to reevaluate my life and take notice on what I need to improve on. I realized I was allowing others opinions to dictate my life. But now I feel that my soul has reopened and I am only allowing myself to be free and not afraid of change. I cut 8 inches off my hair and lost 16 pounds all in the name of freedom. I recommend this book for those who are healing and trying to rebuild their lives.”  ~ MDR


 “The hardest part of getting and staying fit is making the time to do it. Reading your journals and seeing you find time to invest in yourself while staying invested in your family and life has been inspiring! When I hit rut and get busy and think about using ‘I don’t have time’ as an excuse, I think of you and put my tennis shoes on! Congrats!” ~ Caryn Lee, Music Promotions and Marketing Consultantaryn Lee Consultants


“Lorraine Muhammad’s journey has inspired me to no longer “suffer in silence” about my own weight loss struggles.  Lorraine’s journey is a testimony of faith, determination and perseverance against the war on ‘weight loss.’  Lorraine’s journey peels back the ugly layers of why so many of us “suffer in silence” about our weight and teaches us how to  become healthier and happier people!  Thanks for sharing your ‘journey’ with masses Lorraine!  By the way…you look fabulous…’you
go gurl!’” ~ Soror/Dr. Janine M. Peacher


“Soror Lorraine, I am so proud of you for setting a goal—and exceeding it with much grace, pride and excellence!  You are an inspiration for a plethora of women and mothers.  Your determination has inspired me to challenge myself on all dimensions.  Not only are you living a healthier, happier life, but you now have a salient message that could possibly change the lives of millions.  I commend you for remaining self-determined, focused and committed.  You are a true visionary, and I’m proud to be the wind beneath your wings!” ~ Soror Carla Campbell-Jackson, MBA, CPCU, AIC, AIS, AIM, Doctoral Candidate, Claim Section Manager